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Do you know?

The average bounce rate for most websites is around 65%. These are people who visit your website and leave without interacting with your site. 


The Bad News

The more visitors you fail to convert, the less revenue you generate for your business, especially if you have started trading.


The Good News

It’s not the end of the road. You can still increase the conversion on your website and most importantly, the value of your brand. 

Are you interested in a professional website?

cHave you ever considered the impact your business would have if you leveraged the power of the internet by building a website that conveys your message and promotes your services/products effectively?

The truth is a number of small businesses or startups have tried to build their own websites, but often fail to produce a website that their audience would interact with. 

Does this sound familiar?

One mistake business owners make is to underrate the power of a professional website that converts your visitors to paying customers. 

Always remember, you need to implement a content strategy that would work for your type of business, and one that caters to your type of audience. 

But where do I come in?

I am a passionate and experienced Web Designer and Marketer with the proven track record of converting poor sites into clean, professional and easy to read sites.

And so I have decide to support businesses across the UK in building their websites that convert. 

And yes… it’s affordable too

As a freelancer, I charge a fraction of a cost a web design agency would charge to get the same quality of websites for your business. 

You can be rest assured that if you choose to work with me, you would get the best deal there is on the internet. 

Why should you listen to me?

Over the past 5 years, I have worked with big and small businesses in Birmingham, ranging from NHS to Street UK. I have also worked with businesses like yours to design professional and customer-focused website, proven to grow your business.

And to show you how much I would like to see your succeed, I am offering a FREE On Page SEO service if you decided to work with me. 

Frequently Asked Question

How long does it take you to build websites?

This depends on the scope of the project. On average it takes me 5 working days to complete a service-based 6 page website. 

How much does it cost?

I offer affordable rates depending on the type of websites and the level of support from the business. For a typical website with 5 pages, I charge a minimum of £500.

To get a personalised quote, click the button below.  

Do you build ecommerce websites?

Yes, I do. I have built a number of eCommerce sites on Weebly, WordPress and Shopify. 

Do you offer web hosting services?

I currently advise business owners to sign up to a preferred host, so that they always have access to their website. 

Would you provide the graphics/images?

I often advise business owners to supply their own graphics, but I end up writing content and adding graphics if the business owner doesn’t find the time. 

Trusted by some happy clients…


I only work with a few clients each month, so if you’d like to take advantage of this rare offer, simply click the button below.

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