Here at KayVee Media, we focus on working with online business to grow their audience. For such businesses, it’s really important to have an attractive and converting website,

No matter how many social media accounts you set up, we strongly believe nothing beats having your own home on the internet, especially when you are looking to grow an online audience.

We have over 8 years of experience in designing websites and are very passionate about making sure your story is shared on your website.

Our clients range from restaurants to financial institutions to online stores and even colleges,


We work with consultants and freelances to set up an online presence where their clients can book and pay for their services.


Ranging from restaurants to jewellery stores, we work with passionate entrepreneurs/SMEs to build a site that can sell their products online.


Would you like to run an online course for your students, we can design a bespoke learning management website to help you server your students better.


We work with businesses to build marketplaces where their websites can bring together other businesses and customers.


Looking to build a website for your restaurant or bakery and have your customers order online? We have just the right solution for you.


Research & Analysis

We undergo a thorough research to understand your branding and how best to make your website stand out on the internet. This includes sitemaps, flowcharts and more.


Once we have conducted a series of research, it’s now time to begin planning and allocating the relevant tools and technology needed to build your website.

ExecutE & TEST

We work on building your website to meet and exceed your expectation. Then we focus on testing every single webpage to ensure we deliver our best work.


Kelvin does outstanding work! He completely redesigned my website and I could not any more pleased with how it turned out. He took everything I said into consideration and continued to work on it until I was satisfied. He is extremely professional, friendly, creative, and timely. I would HIGHLY recommended Kelvin to anyone looking for web design, branding, or digital marketing; you will not be disappointed! Tina C. (Protected Bookkeeping)

Kelvin is a creative professional, with passion for web design, branding and SEO. He has the magic touch to giving your brand a super responsive and professional website and business development tips and strategies. My encounter with him has been of immense boost to my business, both online and offline. You should get in touch with this amazing young man, if you want to experience an uplift in your business and sales record. He’s friendly too. Courage N. (Wine House CEO)

Kelvin is innovative, knowledgeable, and professional. I endorse his business and his expertise. I find Kelvin has a unique aesthetic as a web designer and seems to be ahead of the curve with strategic development of his products and services, catching the zeitgeist of want consumers like and use. He is extremely helpful and provides a high calibre service. He takes time to understand his clients needs and preferences and is able to envisage when it comes to branding, what would work best for your business. Amelia Quareshi (HIANA Manager)


Would you like a professional website for your business?