Increase your number of leads with targeted ads that add value to your target audience. 

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Do you have products or services that people aren’t actively searching for? Or perhaps do you have a disruptive product like the iPod that people don’t know they need until they see its benefits? At KayVee Media, we offer lead generation services using Social Media Marketing (Think Facebook Ads). We understand the challenges businesses like yours face in generating quality leads so we aim to implement a number of email marketing (or chatbot) tactics to help qualify your leads.


It’s important to target the right audience in order to generate quality leads. We aim to provide you a detailed analysis of your target audience. 


Understanding the difference between a good copy and a bad copy is the key to increasing one’s conversion rate. We work with professional copywriters to improve the quality of your email copy etc. 


We implement effective tracking systems to understand your conversion rates and figure out the best ways to improve them.


It’s given that people won’t do what you want them to do in the first instance, so we implement email marketing campaigns to convert your prospects to genuine leads


Growth lies in your marketing list. We’ll help you build an ‘interested’ list of prospects that love what you do and looking to buy from you. 

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What our clients say

A big thank you to Kelvin at KayVee Media who strategised and implemented effective online marketing campaigns to sell our earring pieces. 
Nothando Osondu

Founder, NNOTHU

Kelvin has worked on building an engaged audience on my artist brand. Using Facebook Ads, he has been able to grow my Spotify listing.  I highly recommend working with Kelvin at KayVee Media, because of his passion and level of commitment. 
Kossi Bruno

Founder, Creative Eden

Kelvin at KayVee Media was instrumental in the organisation of a banking education day with HSBC, know your Finance. This event was an opportunity for young people to get general advice and ask questions about bank accounts, credit cards etc, that people often assume everyone knows the answers to and the reasons for. Kelvin put together simple, clear advertising for use on social media that targeted young people but also utilised the HIANA and HSBC branding. This advertising got the message out. Kelvin understood the aim of the event and simplified what he and I discussed in order to use it in the promotion. Using Eventbrite to organise attendees meant Kelvin could keep all the information needed using one resource. With this, and the HIANA Instagram page, we were able to reach more young people who attended the event. Kelvin was the lead on this and contributed to the success of the day.

Executive Complaints Manager, Birmingham City University

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