Do you need to run a Google Ad Campaign or a Facebook Ad Campaign? Both platforms provide incredible statistics that would make you want to invest your money into running ad campaigns immediately.

Please don’t be in a hurry. 

Marketing is about building a relationship with your customers. And so it involves two-way communication.

You need to understand your customers’ needs and they need to understand what you do and why you do it. Understanding this is the basis in which you can decide which platform is best suited to market to your potential customers.

Is it Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

It can be both, but only if you understand the purpose of each platform. You see, you cannot make good use of a tool without a clear understanding of its purpose. 

Let’s look at both platforms and why they are the two most used Pay Per Click platforms in the world. 

I’ll start with Facebook, simply because the letter F comes before G in the English Alphabet 🙂

Facebook Ads: Understanding its purpose

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Facebook is a social media network built to connect friends, typically people who have already made a connection. Facebook helps these two individuals maintain a steady connection through its platform. You can send a message to your friend, read their latest status to understand the current situation, engage with their pictures and much more.

Nowhere have I mentioned the word “business” when describing Facebook’s platform.

This is really important to note.

People connecting with one another is the primary purpose of Facebook. You can see it in their mission statement above.

However, to be a profitable organisation, they need businesses to invest their money in connecting with the people on the platform.

At first, these people are oblivious to the idea that companies would like to connect with them (some still are), and so this creates a little question (challenge) with business owners and marketing executives…

Why would anyone want to connect with your business? They aren’t on the platform searching for your product or services, they are there to connect with their friends and family.

It is therefore critical to create a really good ad campaign on Facebook.

To gain the attention of these people, you provide value that in time builds trust. Once people can trust you, it’s easier for them to buy from you.

As a platform, Facebook has over 1.59 billion active users. That’s a huge number of people. There’s a big possibility that your audience is on Facebook. The key is how to find them and build a relationship with them.

But be mindful that you need to provide value to them in order to gain their attention.

This is what makes Facebook different from the next platform Google.

Google Ads: Understanding its purpose

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

First and foremost, Google is a search engine that crawls the internet, observing, understanding and capturing the content and purpose of websites all over the world.

They do this to serve its customers (anyone who browses online) the right information in their fingertips i.e. instantly.

Unlike Facebook, here we can establish that people go onto Google to search for products or services, or the solutions to their problems. 

Do you have a business that offers products or services that people are actively looking for? For instance, people want to find out the nearest and best dentist around them. 

As a business, you want to be listed on Google’s search results when people search for your services or products. 

Like Facebook, you still need to provide a level of value to the people who are looking to engage with a business like yours. However, this depends on where they are on their journey to becoming a customer.

Someone searching for “How to take a baby portrait” is in a different level of the consumer level to someone searching for “Baby Photographers Near Me”.

It’s important to understand the important differences between running advertising campaigns on Google or Facebook. I have outlined the following three main parts of a typical advertising platform, so we can look at the differences between each platform.

1. Audience

Facebook collects quite a lot of data from its customers, ranging from job titles to birthdays, interests to financial behaviour etc. This makes Facebook a powerful marketing platform because businesses can target people based on a number of criteria that identifies their market audience.

Google (Ads), on the other hand, doesn’t have as much data from its customers because they don’t request for loads of information (Remember its purpose). It would be difficult to target the owner of dental practice etc or people who just got engaged etc. 

2. Message

Facebook offers a range of creatives businesses can use to engage with its audience. Ranging from image ads to video ads, and even messenger ads. Unlike Google Ads, you don’t need a website to run a marketing campaign on Facebook, because it hosts its users content. 

Google Ads are predominantly text-based ads listed on search pages. As a business, you’d be restricted to the number of words you can use to engage your audience. Though you can set up image/display ads to be placed on Google’s partner sites, you are limited in targeting the people who see the display ads (Similar to billboard ads).

3. Bidding

Facebook uses a bidding system to place its ads across people’s feeds and profiles. You are bidding for placements (or positions) on people’s feeds. According to Ad Espresso, the highest bidders will get the most placements. Though there are other factors that can help sure more placements, like relevant and expected action rates. 

Google, though uses a bidding system, focuses on the keywords selected by the advertiser rather than the audience (unless you choose to run Google display ads). You will be competing with other businesses to rank for similar keywords. Unlike Facebook, it won’t always be the highest bidder, it’s a combination of bidding price and relevance.


There isn’t a ‘better’ paid traffic platform when looking at Google Vs Facebook. As a business owner or marketer, you’d need to find out which platform gets you closer to your business’ goals and which one is suited to your business model. 

Are people searching for your product or service? It’s advisable to run Google Ads. 

Are you looking to target a specific market and make them aware of a specific problem/solution? It’s best to consider Facebook Ads.

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